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“The Musical Dream Lives On”
CD is Now On Sale

B.J.’s long-awaited CD featuring many of  B.J.’s original compositions and his  versions of some of his favorite country  songs. Go to the Music page to read more about  it or Shop at our store to get your copy now!

If you’d like to book B.J. for a show or for information about him and his music, please feel free to contact him directly at bjrobertsmusic@gmail.com

  • Haunting Memories -3:19 B. J. Roberts/Rob-Win Pub-Socan
  • The Best Daddy -2:46 B.J. Roberts/Evelyn Vandermass Rob-Win Pub/Astral Music- Socan
  • My Arms Never Close -2:33 Jim Shaw, Sony/ATV-BMI
  • Tiger By The Tail -2:05 Buck Owens/Harlan Howard, Bluebook BMI
  • I’ve Only Jesus -3:30 B.J. Roberts/Larry Wayne Clark, Rob-Win
    Pub- Socan
  • Aide Mois Vivre Pour Cette Nuit -3:04 Kris Kristofferson-Combine Music Corp French Translation by B.J. Roberts & Melanie Zahab
  • Willie Will You Do One With Me -3:53 B.J. Roberts/Winnie Lumley, Rob-Win Pub-Socan
  • Reserve Me A Table -2:52 Jeff & Jamie McMunn-Socan
  • Réserve moi une table -2:52 French Translation by: B.J. Roberts & Melanie Zahab
  • A Feeling I Can’t Explain -2:43 B. J. Roberts-Socan Rob-Win Pub/Astral Music
  • The Best Part Of My Night -2:15 B.J. Roberts/Winnie Lumley, Rob-Win Pub
  • Selena -4:00 B.J. Roberts/Winnie Lumley Rob-Win Pub-Socan
  • They Call This Sweet Lovin -2:14 Rob-Win/Astral Music-Socan
  • Four Grey Walls -2:58 Rob-Win Pub-Socan
  • Hey Hey Bocephus -2:56 Rob-Win Pub-Socan
  • Memories Of The Man In Black -2:38 Robwin Pub-Socan
  • My Woman-My Lover – My wife -3:06 Rob-Win Pub-Socan
  • ”John Lennon Said” -3:27 Lonnie G. & B.J. Roberts-Socan