Who is B.J. Roberts?

A true Canadian, B.J. ROBERTS is a living link to the age of Classic Country Music whose life mirrors the wandering  path of a country song. He took to the guitar as soon as he could walk, twanging on a stick with a couple of strings  attached.  The Grand Ole Opry came to the family on the radio and B.J. fell in love with the music of Hank Williams,  Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.  An accomplished musician, he was invited at the tender age of 16 to perform on The  CFRA Happy Wanderers Radio Show, hosted by Papa Joe Brown of the famed Family Brown.

A tour in the army was followed by a life split between Victoria and Nashville working with various pick up country bands,  fronting wannabe country singers, and singing in bars for nickels and dimes.  Through tragedy and triumph, B.J.  continued his musical dream.  Along the way he performed with, opened for or recorded with such notables as Porter  Wagoner, Ernest Tubb and his Midnight Jamboree, Charlie Walker, Miss Kitty Wells, David Allan Coe and Buck  Owens’ The Buckaroos.  One of the most memorable experiences was a personal command performance requested  by the august Luciano Pavarotti who passed on the sage advice, “Never give your talents away, people must reward  you for entertaining them”.

They say life is a circle and for B.J. ROBERTS the saying holds true.  Through the years he recorded a few songs, but it never quite worked into an album of his own.  Now, after 55 years of making others famous, he is doing it for himself

Willie Will You Do One With Me T-Shirt carries the opening notes of the song about a singer B. J. Roberts wanting his idol Willie Nelson to do a  song with him.

The T-Shirt was designed by B. J.’s wife Winnie.
A twin country music trademark.

Following A Dream

Little did country singer/songwriter B.J. Roberts know that after watching a replay of the Willie Nelson interview on Larry  King Live August 1st, 2010, that his comment to his partner Winnie, of Willie having sung with a lot of singers, and her  response was, “Well, he sure didn’t do one with you, did he?”, was the foundation and idea for the song, “Willie, Will You  Do One With Me”, he had dreamed of writing for years. Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, B.J. is an example  that following one’s dream can have great results, no matter how long one waits for that dream to come true.

B.J. has always been a huge admirer of Willie Nelson and it is interesting to note that they share many similar attributes and life experiences.

There are several parallels between Willie Nelson’s and B.J. Roberts’ lives…

B.J’s birthdate falls on the same date, April 30th (B.J. is younger by five years). Although they never met in the 1960’s in Nashville, both were turned down by record companies when it came to pitching their songs to them.

  • Both are singers, songwriters, and entertainers.
  • Both play Martin guitars.
  • Both love to sing a good country-gospel song.
  • Both love to entertain and bring peace and happiness to the world with their music.
  • Family is paramount to both of these men.

Willie remains B.J.’s idol.