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The Musical Dream Lives On CD is HERE!

  • Haunting Memories -3:19 B. J. Roberts/Rob-Win Pub-Socan
  • The Best Daddy -2:46 B.J. Roberts/Evelyn Vandermass Rob-Win Pub/Astral Music- Socan
  • My Arms Never Close -2:33 Jim Shaw, Sony/ATV-BMI
  • Tiger By The Tail -2:05 Buck Owens/Harlan Howard, Bluebook BMI
  • I’ve Only Jesus -3:30 B.J. Roberts/Larry Wayne Clark, Rob-Win
    Pub- Socan
  • Aide Mois Vivre Pour Cette Nuit -3:04 Kris Kristofferson-Combine Music Corp French Translation by B.J. Roberts & Melanie Zahab
  • Willie Will You Do One With Me -3:53 B.J. Roberts/Winnie Lumley, Rob-Win Pub-Socan
  • Reserve Me A Table -2:52 Jeff & Jamie McMunn-Socan
  • Réserve moi une table -2:52 French Translation by: B.J. Roberts & Melanie Zahab
  • A Feeling I Can’t Explain -2:43 B. J. Roberts-Socan Rob-Win Pub/Astral Music
  • The Best Part Of My Night -2:15 B.J. Roberts/Winnie Lumley, Rob-Win Pub
  • Selena -4:00 B.J. Roberts/Winnie Lumley Rob-Win Pub-Socan
  • They Call This Sweet Lovin -2:14 Rob-Win/Astral Music-Socan
  • Four Grey Walls -2:58 Rob-Win Pub-Socan
  • Hey Hey Bocephus -2:56 Rob-Win Pub-Socan
  • Memories Of The Man In Black -2:38 Robwin Pub-Socan
  • My Woman-My Lover – My wife -3:06 Rob-Win Pub-Socan
  • ”John Lennon Said” -3:27 Lonnie G. & B.J. Roberts-Socan


Thank you to everyone involved in making this album possible:

Dennis Ferbey – Producer-Engineer   Oakstone Sound  – 2014 Album


  • Joe Kovac, Bradley Clarke, Gary Preston
  • Stephen MacDonald, Craig Fraser, Randy Cross
  • Mike Broadley, Doc Jenkins, Calvin Vollwrath
  • Don Peterson, Morry Stearns, Duncan Meiklejohn
  • Dennis Ferbey and Rhonda Aiken
  • Ed Moleski & Wild Country-1976 Recording
  • Buck Owens’ Buckaroos- 1978 Recording
  • Caroline Sequin – French harmonies
  • Richard “Wolf” Patterson – Original recorded performance of Hey, Hey Bocephus

Behind the scenes:

Special thanks to Mr. Bill Lewis – Manager, Magnolia Hotel, Victoria B.C., for permitting us to record Ms. Alana Bianconi‘s  english introduction to the song Reserve Me A Table.

French introduction to Reserve Me A Table performed by Anita Laliberte.

Thanks Doc Jenkins for playing pedal steel guitar on the French versions of Help Me Make It Through The Night and Reserve  Me A Table.

A heartfelt thanks to my niece Melanie Zahab, for her translation work on the two French songs.  Also to Denyse Morency &  Anita Laliberte for the typing of those song from English to French, thank you.

French harmonies recorded at Blue Bear Studios, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

And my nephew, Mike Zahab for the great CD cover design Art from Zahab Design, Ottawa, Ontario



B.J. Roberts – co-producer – French versions of Help Me Make It Through The Night and Reserve Me A Table

Lonnie G

Lonnie G is the featured guest artist on the song John Lennon Said on BJ’s new CD. Bj and Lonnie worked together to make the song happen . Check out Lonnie’s bio below


My musical life began in 1957 when my Mother took me to see Elvis Presley in Toronto, Canada. I knew I wanted to be on stage. Several years later, when I was 14 in 1964, I saw The Beatles and knew I wanted to play music for my life. I played in bands throughout the ’60’s as a Bass Player and Frontman Singer. Throughout the ’70’s I played in bands and gigged around Southern Ontario. In early 1980’s I began, with my boyhood friend, a ZZ TOP Tribute Band which toured for 27 years. During that time I began writing songs and have maintained that creative spark throughout.

I began songwriting in 1982. My first CD was recorded in Virginia Beach, Va. in 1990. I have a catalogue of 145 registered songs with SOCAN. I began to research The American Civil War in 2004 and recorded “Chapter of Night” in 2010. I subsequently toured the Southern USA in the summer of 2010. I moved to British Columbia in 2011 and reside here still. I have, to date, recorded 6 CD’s in several genres from Folk to Blues. I have co- written 60 tunes with Norman Ball (poet from Leesburg, Virginia) who contributed to my Civil War Project with lyrics to several of the tunes. We remain co-writing buddies.