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B.J. Roberts Music Now On Sale!

We have made it as easy as possible to purchase download and listen to my latest CD, below you will find several available links .

Listen to CD

Haunting Memories -3:19

The Best Daddy -2:46

My Arms Never Close -2:33

Tiger By The Tail -2:05

I’ve Only Jesus -3:30

Aide Mois Vivre Pour Cette Nuit -3:04

Willie Will You Do One With Me -3:53

Reserve Me A Table -2:52

Réserve moi une table-2:52

A Feeling I Can’t Explain -2:43

The Best Part Of My Night -2:15

Selena -4:00

They Call This Sweet Lovin -2:14

Four Grey Walls -2:58

Hey Hey Bocephus -2:56

Memories Of The Man In Black -2:38

My Woman-My Lover – My wife -3:06

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