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John Lennon Said

B.J. woke in early one morning in late September 2014. having watched a news clip on the violence   purported by ISIS terroriss having killed adults and children before going to bed the night before, and   then, dreaming the lyrics “They’re not listening to John Lennon’s words, ‘Give Peace A Chance'”.  He   decided to forget about writing these lyrics down as it wasn’t his country style of writing.   The very next morning B.J. woke dreaming the same lyrics. This time he wrote them down., and sent   them off to his good friend Lonnie Glass for co-writing help.   Three days later Lonnie sent the lyrics back., and then a month later Lonnie recorded the song originally   titled, “John Lennon Said”. on his kitchen table in a raw format. B.J. was so impressed with the recording   that he added it to the re-release of his album “B.J.” The Musical Dream Lives On”.   On April 4th 2015 the video featuring Lonnie Glass was shot in Victoria by videographer David Phillips  of UberVideo